Marketing should flow from food,
not food from marketing.

Our Culinary First™ is the new normal in the world of Consumer Packaged Goods; we begin with our culinary team innovating delicious products, and then using our food scientists to make them stable, safe and consistent.

Only then do we begin to think about marketing based on an authentic story.

The application of this radical approach dramatically reduces the time taken to get to market or opportunities and revenue lost by not being in market fast enough.

By leveraging the strengths and weaknesses of both a monumental corporation like yours, and the scrappy trailblazing nature of a start up like Chew, we operate off the radar until we prove there is something amazing in an idea then work feverishly to get it to market with you.

Because every idea and company is unique, we offer three different ways of working with us, each encompassing Culinary First™, to help you develop and establish your ideas, or turn them into distinct brands:

Our partnerships help companies and established brands rethink and redefine the spheres of possibility.

Through our Chew+ partnerships we co-develop concepts by joining our internal innovation team with yours. The result will be the creation of something new and innovative, but also reproducible for large-scale production and distribution.

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A proprietary innovation platform for all future food creation models.

We are constantly generating new ideas. Seeking, identifying and solving unmet needs by creating new products then building them into stand-alone brands. Chew Labs is a product development platform powered by the perfect combination of food science and the culinary arts.

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A kitchen, playground and classroom to dream in, create, and experiment.

Pairing the world’s leading design strategy firm with our unique vision and abilities, the Chew/IDEO Accelerator is an unparalleled opportunity to bring your company under the expertise of the world’s finest food scientists, culinary artists, product developers, and branding & marketing practitioners.

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